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O’Neill: lethal wiring, dangerous boiler, deposit not protected, illegal charges, run by banned director Ralph Weir

On this blog, you will find the following information:

How to reclaim your fees from O’Neill if you have been charged referencing, administrative, or guarantor fees when applying for a tenancy.

Secret filming proving O’Neill have let at least one flat with lethal electrical wiring and dangerous gas appliance.

The disqualification undertaking banning O’Neill boss Ralph Weir from managing a company for six years.

A letter sent to tenants showing that O’Neill have refused to protect tenant deposits in any of the approved schemes.

Unfair deposit deduction, including one tenant who was charged rent after his lease ended and he had left the premises.

A video of Mr John Knapp from the Edinburgh office letting himself into a flat to use the toilet while the tenant was out.

We would be delighted to hear from any former or current O’Neill tenants – please leave your comments below.

Remember that if your deposit has not been protected, you are entitled to compensation from your landlord, as was recently featured in the Scotland on Sunday. You can also reclaim any illegal tenant fees charged within the last five years.

One Comment
  1. How many names does a letting agent need? So far, we have
    O’Neill Lettings
    O’Neill Property
    O’Neill Property Ltd (doesn’t exist)
    O’Neill Rented Homes (!!)
    O’Neill Limited
    Stephen O’Neill Limited
    2 Let O’Neill
    2 Let Weir Ltd
    2 Let Ltd

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