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Facts about ONeill, letting agent in Edinburgh and Glasgow

6 north west circus place

oneill letting agency in edinburgh and glasgow

Before doing business with them, you should know that O’Neill

ONeill is a letting agency with offices in Stockbridge, Edinburgh and Charing Cross, Glasgow. A  business run by disqualified director John Ralph Symington Weir.

In July 2013, ONeill was featured in the national press for failing to lodge any tenant deposits with the new schemes mandated by the Scottish Government. A spokesman for ONeill told the paper that they do not wish to use a TDS and therefore no longer take deposits. In addition, the firm has written to its existing tenants to advise that it no longer holds their deposits.

In a letter sent to tenants in May 2013, O’Neill falsely claimed not to have had problems with tenant deposits in 14 years of business, and that deductions from deposits has always been amicable. But at least one angry tenant does not agree, accusing letting agent O’Neill and its staff John Knapp and Ralph Weir of “ripping us off”.

A hidden camera video has emerged purporting to show O’Neill Edinburgh “office manager” Mr John Knapp asking for a boiler to be put back to a dangerous state. A gas engineer had advised Mr Knapp that when replacing a boiler, he had to change all of the electrical wiring as it was lethal and would have electrocuted the tenant if he touched it while putting the boiler on. Mr Knapp observed that the boiler was working in this dangerous condition, and could it not be put back to the way it was! When the new boiler was installed, the control unit was not replaced (cost cutting) so the boiler no longer worked. ONeill did not fix the boiler despite having seven weeks to do so and the tenant had to move out.

Read more news and reviews about O’Neill letting here.

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