O'NEILL Property Letting Agents in Edinburgh Reviews

ONeill lettings flout deposit law; face legal action, ban from letting property


ONeill break the law by not placing deposits in protection scheme

O”Neill claim their lawbreaking is to make it easier for tenants, and that they have not had problem with tenant deposit returns in 14 years of business. This statement is false.  Mr Gerard Castello did not get his deposit back from O’Neill.

From the Scotland on Sunday:

THE Scottish Government is being urged to crack down on letting agents accused of flouting its tenant deposit regulations as one firm faces possible legal action for failing to comply with the new rules.

A year after the first tenancy deposit schemes (TDS) were launched it has emerged that several letting agents are finding ways around the rules, with one now the subject of a legal claim.

But Edinburgh SNP MSP Marco Biagi said letting agents and landlords had nowhere to hide if “they think they are above the law”.

“It is a firm commitment that any deposit must be lodged with one of the approved third parties within the agreed timescale of 30 days,” said Biagi. “Any business that flaunts these rules must face the legal consequences.”

Firms or landlords failing to comply face fines of up to three times the deposit amount and a possible ban from renting out property.